Timeless elegance quality materials, distinctive style

S tile Legno has its roots in a particular reality typical of Florence: the artisan workshops. Legacy of past manual skills and ingenuity, the artisan workshops are still today present in Florence area and one can find at work masters and artists creating authentic and unique masterpieces. That is the cultural background that Susini family has strongly willed to repropose and apply in their company, thus making it one of the most successful artisan firms in the quality furniture industry.

T he working methods, proudly faithful to the old artisan school, are carried out by skilled professionals and industry masters: carpenters, carvers, decorators and tailors capable of giving each creation that particular alchemy that distinguishes the handmade product from the industrial, turning it into a true work of art. Every single piece of furniture or accessory from Stile Legno collections, starting from the smallest to the largest and most complex, is thereby put into production at the time of the client’s request, just as if commissioned directly to the chosen artisan.

E ach item becomes a story of its own. Thanks to this philosophy and working method and thanks to the highly qualified internal staff Stile Legno offers its customers a real opportunity to interact by creating bespoke furniture. In the production cycle nothing is left to chance. Materials are selected with particular care: wood, metal, alabaster and glass are skillfully matched with fine fabrics and sophisticated finishes to create unique items full of charm united by only one constant: high quality.